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How to Stay Productive at the End of the Year: Four Tips

Posted by on December 8, 2015

There’s nothing more exciting than the holiday season. Family and friends gathering to celebrate, holiday music and carols, lights, cooler weather—it’s easily my favorite time of year. But as I settle into my desk chair after the perfect Thanksgiving holiday, I look at my calendar and terror is slowly creeping in. Only FOUR WEEKS until…

5 Steps to a Happier Research Experience: Getting Past the Research Blues

Posted by on November 12, 2014

This week’s guest post comes from Marketwave’s client services’ intern, Ruby Camarillo. During college, I had a professor who would yell “research, research, research!” at the top of his lungs each lecture. He would bang on the table and passionately lecture us on the importance of research for even the smallest campaigns. It was frightening, to…