Alyssa Anton

Art Director

Alyssa Anton is an Art Director with a penchant for solving problems from a creative mindset. As a member of Marketwave’s Creative Services team, Alyssa enjoys any and all design challenges.

As a native Californian, Alyssa took a bold (and somewhat shocking) eastbound step when she decided to leave the sunny shores of San Diego to experience Texas’ southern hospitality.

Before joining the Marketwave team, Alyssa studied both graphic design and film at Texas Christian University. Her double major helped diversify her craft within the visual arts space, while allowing her to study two areas she absolutely loves.

Following graduation, Alyssa decided to stay in the Lone Star State to pursue a career in graphic design. Now, her enthusiasm for design focuses on interactive strategy, branding and packaging. When she’s not in the office, you can find her exploring Dallas, painting, crafting or trying to become the next Top Chef.