Company Culture: The key to being irresistible to millennials.

Posted by on June 24, 2016

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As a recent college graduate, I still sometimes have to pinch myself to believe that I’ve officially entered the workforce. The job search process definitely had its daunting moments—especially when you’re fresh out of college and in a brand new city—but here I am, ready to start my next chapter at Marketwave.

Luckily, my previous internship experiences gave me a strong sense of what I wanted to do. I understood and enjoyed the work, but also learned how workplace environments matter. So, I knew company culture would play a big role in my career path. And I must say, I am feeling lucky to be the newest addition to the Marketwave
team, where the culture shines.

Much of this was recently put into context when I read this Entrepreneur article about millennials and culture. While I don’t agree with every point (I believe culture matters to more than just millennials), I do agree with the underlying message. And now that I’ve begun my career, it inspired me to think of a few areas where company culture influences employee work/life satisfaction and success.

From the perspective of someone who just recently entered the workforce, here’s how I think culture makes a difference:

  1. Positive atmosphere. Emotional contagion in the work environment can severely affect employee satisfaction and efficiency. Having a group of positive like-minded employees fosters productivity and makes employees feel supported and welcomed.
  2. Team relationships. New into the workforce, millennials want to develop professional and personal relationships with their colleagues. Having team outings and weekly meetings to foster these relationships assists in creating a friendly and supportive work environment.
  3. Develop rising talent. Considering that this generation represents tomorrow’s leaders, it pays to invest in developing skills. Millennials (college graduates especially), are looking for a meaningful work experience that builds their skills. Feeling like they add value to the company assists in making them feel successful and satisfied in their role.

Marketwave’s culture is truly extraordinary and was a huge factor in my decision to join. I couldn’t be more appreciative with how welcomed I’ve felt here within my first few weeks. I look forward to contributing to the marketing and communication efforts and being a part of this spectacular team.


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