Back to school

Posted by on August 20, 2009

I love back to school.  Kids are back in a routine, working parents have fewer headaches around juggling sitters and schedules, and stay-home Moms or Dads who have school-age children experience a welcome break.For these reasons life runs a bit smoother for many of us as fall begins.  Yes, working Mom here speaking the truth!But what I like most about back to school is how it also seems to mean back to business.

Summer vacations are over, next-year budgeting and planning is at least in first gear, if not in overdrive, and organizations are looking for ways to finish strong.

The tone I’m hearing in recent meetings with business leaders is more strategic, action-oriented and enthusiastic than I’ve experienced in months.  They have smart ideas about accomplishing big things between now and the end of the year, and some of the economic fog – while not fully dissipated – is lifting.

You might say that’s just because I’m meeting with people from Southwest Airlines and American Heart Association who love their jobs, which is partly true, but I’ll tell you that I’m seeing this attitude from big business as well as smaller organizations.  People seem to be ready to head into fall with a hopeful and focused approach on doing the right things for their companies.

So, is back to school back to business for you, too?  What will you do to think about your job in a new way or do something that will help your company grow or improve?  I hope you’ll share them with me.

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