The victory lap

Posted by on October 22, 2009

Are you swamped with daily details, pulled in multiple directions and weighed down by a “to do” list that never seems to shrink?Well, I wish I could say that’s foreign to me but just like most of you it’s an all-too-familiar place.

So, what is it that makes us push on, do more, conquer that next hill?  There are probably a number of answers to that question and some are about how you’re wired and what motivates you.

But let me suggest one answer that pays dividends to me and my team in terms of tackling the tough stuff, and persevering even in challenging, time-crunched situations.

Take a victory lap.

When you hit it out of the park, when you overcome those challenges, when you achieve outstanding results, celebrate it.

Now I’m not saying your boss is going to suggest it, or even that your colleagues will all lace up and run it with you [although if you’re on a good team, they will].  But I am suggesting that you celebrate success and reflect at least briefly on how you got there and who was a part of it.

Earlier in my career I had an experience that helped me see how important this is as a core business value.

I was reporting to a Chief Marketing Officer who, I learned the hard way, did not believe in this.  He asked me to recap a successful project in a meeting with his top leaders.  On slide #3 he cut me off and said, “thanks for the results but we don’t take victory laps here…let’s move on.”

Say it with me…Jerk! But, I’ll never forget that meeting and I actually have him to thank for helping me see clearly that taking a victory lap IS what we do here, and what I’ll always do.

We bust through that finish line ribbon and we keep going for one more lap because we know that doing so makes us that much more motivated to get set, and go again.

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