86 the competition

Posted by on November 11, 2009

 I have to take that victory lap I spoke of in a previous post and share some great news with all of our readers.

Let me tell you it’s definitely nice to be #1 which is where we ranked when we recently won a Platinum Marcom Creative Award for an outstanding experiential marketing program. And, it was even good to be #9 last year when it meant we had made it into the “Top 10” largest firms in Dallas according to the Dallas Business Journal rankings.

But, this time, would you believe we’re ecstatic to be #86?

That’s because last week we received a first-ever ranking on the Dallas 100 list of the area’s fastest growing private companies.  It’s compiled each year by the SMU Caruth Institute for Entrepreneurship and looks at a company’s last three years of revenue growth.

We were invited to the ceremony unaware of where we would rank, just knowing we had made the list. And I have to admit that sitting in the audience as they started with #100 and made their way up the list, we were quietly pleased not to be mentioned first.  As the announcements climbed into the 80s we heard our name and our team stood up and cheered loudly.

Experiencing this event inside Dallas’ magnificent Meyerson Symphony Center surrounded by hundreds of optimistic, forward-thinking, successful business leaders, we quickly realized that making this list was one of those “we’ve arrived” moments and we savored it.

So, as we fully embrace #86 we’ve decided that we have even more reason to tell clients and prospects to “86” their other marketing resources and rely on us to deliver the best.

Maybe our new “86 the competition” mantra is something you’ll adopt for your business too? Who knew 86 could be so inspiring.

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  1. Congratulations! And well done to you all. Of course, those of us who have worked with MarketWave have known for some time how highly-ranked you really are. But I’m thrilled for the entire team to be so formally recognized.

    May you continue to 86 the competition!

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