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Posted by on June 9, 2010


With over 65 million professional users on LinkedIn, it’s important to take full advantage of the social media site and connect to other professionals in your industry. But, where should one start? Chris Brogan (@chrisbrogan) recently posted an article titled Use LinkedIn Effectively that describes how he his currently using LinkedIn. Brogan provides some great advice, but I thought more elaboration could be made in the areas of status updates and applications. 

Updating Your Status 
Brogan states that you should not link your Twitter account to your LinkedIn profile. However, I have a professional Twitter account (@MarketWaveMC) in addition to my personal account that I use for business-related tweets. Because I use my professional account to tweet about industry-related issues, I have found that linking the two accounts is beneficial. It keeps those in my network, who aren’t following me on Twitter, up-to-date on current assignments, activities and programs in which I am involved. 

For those who do not have a professional Twitter account, Brogan gives solid advice:  Do not link the two accounts, but “instead, craft business updates for business people” on your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn applications are a great way to enhance your profile, promote your blog and display current work projects. For individuals who are currently using LinkedIn as a job search or business lead tool, take the use of applications one step further. SlideShare, for example, is a great way to display a small portion of a portfolio. This allows the user to impress potential clients or employers with work samples that may open the door to a first interview or capabilities presentation meeting.

 Another application to keep top of mind is WordPress which allows users to link personal or company blogs to their LinkedIn account. Once added, this application helps users keep their network in the know about current projects, promote leads and share opinions about industry-related topics.

 There is an endless amount of discussion on using LinkedIn effectively, but we’d like to hear your thoughts. How do you effectively use LinkedIn?

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