To err is important

Posted by on August 18, 2010

To err is important and admitting you’re wrong once in a while is imperative to personal and professional growth.  Let’s face it; we all hate to be wrong!  However, sometimes the only way to get things right is to be wrong first.  Making mistakes is a by-product of trying new things…taking a risk.

Will every marketing campaign work? No.

Will every employee work out? No.

Will every new product be a game-changer? No.

But, if we aren’t bold about making these decisions, we’ll never have the wisdom of the “wrongs” that leads to the “rights.”  Ask yourself today, have I made any mistakes lately? If the answer is no, I suspect you might be missing a chance to get it right…by getting it wrong.

Are any of our readers brave enough to share a business mistake and how you learned from it?  I’m of the mindset that I love to learn from someone else’s mistakes now and then.  So, bring it on.

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