Paying it forward makes a difference

Posted by on September 22, 2010

For the second year in a row we participated in Entrepreneurs Foundation of North Texas’ (EFNT) Freedom Day to help make a difference and recognize the sacrifices made by firefighters who lost their lives nine years ago. One of MarketWave’s company values is to Pay It Forward, taking our time and investing in our community to make a difference.

We all gathered on September 11, 2010, to help Dallas Fire and Rescue by cleaning and painting a 50-year-old South Dallas fire station. EFNT is an organization that assists emerging companies in leveraging the value they create to benefit their employees and the community in which they work.  It’s a great organization that makes it “easy for businesses to do good” as their motto goes. Visit them at

Have you thought about giving back in your community, but you’re not sure what to do? Here are just a few simple ideas to help spark the passion within you.

Find What’s Right For You

1.   Help kids learn and grow – Junior Achievement

2.   Give back over the holidays – Salvation Army Angel Program

3.   Play with pets at a local animal shelter – Hillcrest Animal Shelter

4.   Volunteer for a political campaign – Republican National Committee or Democratic National Committee

5.   Help the environment – Take A Load Off, Texas

6.   Support a health-related cause – American Heart Association

If you have more than one thing you love, find a way to combine the two. For example, if you love kids and are great at arts and crafts, visit your local children’s hospital and offer to lead art activities for young patients.

Tell us, how do you make a difference in your community?

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  1. Great blog! Thanks for giving back to the community and paying it forward. Wish more people and companies were like you. And, thanks so much for mentioning Hillcrest! Our dogs and other rescued “kids” really appreciate it!

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