Looking to our PR future: Four predictions of how the industry will change

Posted by on November 2, 2010

On Friday October 22, @MarketWave team members engaged, educated and elevated ourselves at the 2010 PRSA Dallas Chapter Communications Summit. The all-day seminar was full of informative classes and round tables focusing on our rapidly changing profession. This led me to begin thinking about the future of PR, and what it might look like in 20 years. Here are my predictions for the year 2030:

1. No more printed newspapers. With the evolution of full-service media websites, the growth of mobile technology and increasingly sustainable business models by large corporations, I predict we’ll all be flipping through the Sunday news over a cup of coffee and a Kindle or mobile device.
2. PR worlds revolve around mobile devices. Smart phones will track and record conference calls with clients, schedule appointments automatically with other devices, and teach us key messages while we wait.
3. Freelance reporters rule the roost. The newsroom reporter as we see it today will look very different. Instead, the most successful journalists will be freelancers who hone in on a specialty topic and bid their stories to different outlets.
4. We’ll be Facepitching reporters. Our children will be laughing about the “old days” when their parents only used Facebook for checking in with friends or sharing photos. According to social media guru Brian Solis, news outlets are getting more website traffic from Facebook and Twitter than they are from Google. Watch as that trend  grows and email becomes obsolete to make way for communication through our vast Facebook networks.

What do you expect to see in 2030?

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