Can you teach an old dog 5 new tricks?

Posted by on January 20, 2011

I have the luxury of a window view from my office that overlooks both the Tollway and a vacant field. At this very moment, there’s a man working diligently with his dog to run, catch the red Frisbee he’s throwing and then give it back. (There seems to be a lot of wrestling around the giving it back part.) It started me thinking about an old adage, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,” and I wondered, is learning a new technology generational or is it just having the right aptitude and/or attitude to learning something new?My dad, after a little coaching, now prides himself on the fact that he can master his iTunes library and create playlists for his iPod. My husband who spent four years of residency without realizing he had a personal email, now texts with a vengeance and has three email accounts. My son, who is almost five, can jump on the computer and master a game with written instructions that he can’t even read because you just, “hit these four keys and figure it out.”

My goal this year is to master Twitter. Facebook, no problem. YouTube, done. LinkedIn, connected. Twitter, well, we’re getting to know each other. The good news is there’s lots of good information out there to guide me along the way – even Twitter offers a TwiTip section on its site. At the end of the day, it’s all about sharing information or a point of view, and who can’t do that? The other bonus is that MarketWave is full of expert Tweeters, and they’ve offered the following tips:

  1. Use all the Twitter applications available to you, such as HootSuite, TweetDeck or TwitPic, which can make managing your accounts easier
  2. Tweet what you know; being genuine and authentic is key to Twitter
  3. Follow people you’re interested in and follow those who are following you
  4. Look to the experts for advice, such as Chris Brogan’s top Twitter Tips
  5. Be open to sharing personal information, such as pictures, videos or locations

So watch out world, @marketwaveAH, is about to make a splash! Anybody else want to join me in the pool or offer some encouragement as I take the plunge?

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  1. Good luck Allison! It took me awhile to see the value in Twitter, but now I love it! It’s a great way to get the latest info on topics or industries you’re interested in, as well as gain access to experts on those topics! Now I just have to get up to speed on Foursquare…

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