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Posted by on January 4, 2011

As we start the New Year, everyone is talking about New Year’s Resolutions and setting goals that will help us improve ourselves, attain that certain level of success, take that trip, or lose those pounds.

If you choose to participate in this tradition versus being in the category of my 20-something nephew who recently declared on Facebook that his New Year’s Resolution is “to not do New Year’s Resolutions,” then you’ve likely at least thought about what should be on your list for this year.  Maybe, you’ve even taken the step of writing them down, which I have found, by the way, is the only way to achieve them.

I want to share something I just saw in Chris Brogan’s blog that I think is a brilliant way to keep it simple as you map out your goals this year.

Here’s his simple advice:  Pick 3 words.

The idea as Chris explained it is that these are guiding words. Not goals, per se, but 3 words that will help you keep yourself focused on those things you want to improve for 2011. These words can help drive your goal-setting and achievement.

Here are some of the words he received from his readers:

  • Alexandra – Creativity, Growth, Simplicity
  • Martha – Focus, Connect, Momentum
  • Debbie – Touch, Storytelling, Create
  • Rebekkah – Reclaim, Rewrite, Renew
  • Vicki – Passion, Confidence, Balance
  • Debra – Clients, Reputation, Smarts
  • Nick – Smile, Fight, Create
  • Ginny – Basics, Balance and Gratitude
  • Laurie – Launch, Interconnect, Allow
  • Paula – Action, Collaboration, Freedom
  • Joanna – Love, Passion, Action
  • Sonya – Publish, Productive, Value
  • Gail – Write, Speak, Read
  • Jill – Blog, Persevere, Brand
  • Patti – Grow, Contribute, Action

And, this is just a sampling.  He had hundreds of responses.

I know that we don’t have quite the following of a Chris Brogan yet, but please tell me…What are your 3 words for this year?

Mine are: Speak, Tweet, Grow.  What are yours?  Put them on your white board, in a frame, or in a visible spot on your desk.  I bet you’ll achieve them this year.

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  1. I love this post, Tina. I looked at my goals and things I want to do this year and came up with my three words: Explore, Connect, Risk. I think I’ll put them in the office tomorrow!

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