Ignite Dallas full of fiery passion

Posted by on February 24, 2011

Last night we went to the Ignite Dallas event at the Granada. The event is basically a set of diverse speakers that are passionate about different topics. They each get five minutes to make their point with 20 slides that are shown for 15 seconds each. It’s wonderful because you get people who are passionate about various aspects of life.

We heard people talk about a wide range of subjects, such as:

  • A program called @RowDallas that has a vision for creating rowing programs for inner city youth
  • A local artist who taught us not to be scared to buy art and how fulfilling it is to own a piece of someone by buying their artwork
  • @MouyyadA who wrote a book about 24 life lessons he learned from 24 people in 24 years – he had some beautiful quotes to live by
  • A man who was finally sick of all the stuff he had after moving so many times and started a blog last August talking about how he’s giving away one thing he doesn’t care about each day for a year in hopes of only having the important things left
  • How it is so important to have passion for what you do – otherwise you’re just wasting your time
  • Why everyone should own a dog
  • How one woman believes our normal/polite way of communicating is dying with our overuse of profanity, abbreviations and 140 characters
  • And so many more!

It’s so inspiring to be around so many creative people who are passionate about their causes. If they have an Ignite event in your city you should definitely go! Did you attend the @IgniteDallas event last night? What presentations were your favorites?

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    1. This is a great video, Chris! We really enjoyed our time at Ignite and can’t wait for the next one!

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