Words with friends

Posted by on March 4, 2011

You may play this wildly popular word game with your friends on your phone, Words With Friends, but this blog post isn’t about that.  I just thought the title perfectly describes what we should all take a minute to think about today since it is National Grammar Day.

With the rise of texting and social media, many of our traditional grammar rules have been set aside in the name of quick communications, but I contend that concise, error-free, grammatically correct writing is still the mark of a true professional. And, consistently delivering good written copy defines your personal brand and builds credibility.

I read a post today on Ragan’s PR Daily Blog by Michael Sebastian and he noted the following articles and tips available online about the importance of correct grammar:

So, if you have actual words with friends…or colleagues…or customers today, think about good grammar and how it can make you look good.


  1. lol omg! jk.

    Thanks for the reminder, let’s not drop grammar by the wayside in exchange for ease and comfort of tiny ant sized keyboards. Now, if we can only convince the army of teenage girls who will be in charge within the next 15 years. o_O

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