5 ways to breed passion in the workplace

Posted by on April 20, 2011

MarketWave gets passionate about giving back at a North Texas Food Bank drive. Photo courtesy of EFNT

Have you ever caught yourself during the exact moment that your brain wants to simply quit working? Every task seems monumental, projects feel insurmountable and the stream of work seems like it may never end.

It’s those moments when you realize how important it is to have passion for your work.

Sometimes it’s the job itself that you love. I, being the project management nerd that I am, could develop processes and procedures for organizing a new account all day long for fun, while other co-workers may find a special thrill in calling a reporter and pitching a story. Other times, it’s passion for the type of company you’re doing work for. Whether it’s an agency like ours with a diverse array of interesting and fantastic clients, or working in-house for a brand you believe in, having true passion for the topics and brands can keep you energized even when the workload is heavy.

But even the most passionate among us can suffer from mild burnout at times. What is important to remember is that during those moments, you can adjust your mindset and reconnect with your work by simply turning up the passion. Here are a few simple tips to try:

  1. Listen to music at your desk. Create a station on Pandora, or listen to your favorite playlist watch (or feel) as your mood improves and productivity does, too. Just try not to scare your coworkers with desk dancing.
  2. Read a great new book on the industry. Recently, I started a book on B2B social media that helped re-inspire me because it applied back to some of my client work. My attitude toward the work and the great new ideas combined for a renewed sense of excitement.
  3. Research something of interest. If you love the energy industry, take a break from the grind and read up on some of the latest news and topics for a spark of creativity.
  4. Do something fun with your coworkers. Our agency recently took a half day of service to hand out food with the Entrepreneurs for North Texas and the North Texas Food Bank. It got us out of the office, together, and reminded us of how fortunate we are. I would bet that everyone in our office came back with a renewed sense of purpose. 
  5. Fung shui your office. It may seem silly, but just rearranging your desk can give you a new outlook. And, be sure to add some photos or images of things that make you happy. I know my Anderson Cooper photo in front of my computer screen each day inspires me in a special way.

What do you do to inspire passion?

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  1. Hmmm…is the mention of desk dancing in #1 a reference to me??? I just can’t help myself! Good tunes really keep me productive. 🙂

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