The influence battle between blogging and tweeting

Posted by on April 1, 2011


Recently, Mashable posted a compelling article about the overhaul of Google’s noteworthy 11-year-old publishing service site, Blogger.  It wasn’t the new look of Blogger that caught my eye, but the statistics supporting the influence the site has worldwide:

  • More than 500 million blog posts have been published on its platform
  • Posting to the site amount to more than 500 billion words
  • Blogger has more than 400 million readers world wide

Again, earlier this month, another major social media site, Twitter, posted updated facts about their site, including:

  • One billion tweets are sent weekly by users
  • There has been a 182 percent increase in Twitter mobile users this past year
  • The average number of accounts created per day is 460,000

The information these two articles provided quickly had me wondering, which social media method has more influence, blogging or tweeting? Does the convenience of real-time updates have more influence than thought out, planned postings? Or does in-depth, detailed content have more influence than a 140-character message?

Share with us, which do you feel has the most influence, blogging or tweeting?

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  1. Great post, Meredith! I definitely think bloggers have more influence than avid tweeters. The most influential Twitter users tend to have blogs of some sort and are constantly driving their followers to their latest posts. Time to drop the Twitter lingo and get to blogging!

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