Guest post: Getting hairy for a cause!

Posted by on November 22, 2011
This week’s guest post comes from MarketWave’s intern, Yasmine Gila. Here, she shares the history of Movember.

Lately, I’ve been noticing many men walking around with a certain unshaven look. At first I thought it was coincidence, but the more stubble I saw prompted me to stop and ask if there was any meaning to the hairy look. They then explained to me that they were participating in Movember.

Movember is a movement that helps raise funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer. The name was created by joining ‘mo,’ Australian slang for mustache, and the month it’s celebrated, November. The campaign relies on word of mouth to bring awareness that most cancers are highly curable if caught in the early stages.

Seven years ago, Australia held a friendly competition to see who could grow the best mo. The overwhelming response of participants (or “Mo Bros”) gave them the idea of turning a friendly rivalry into a cause. After coming up with a name (Movember Foundation), the founders searched for a foundation to support, and came across the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA).  They then got their friends and families to sponsor the growth of their Mos and raised an astonishing $55,000, becoming the largest single donation the PCFA had ever received.

Ladies can participate too by starting teams, recruiting other Mo Bros and Sistas, raising funds, starting conversations about men’s health and complementing the Mos of other Mo Bros! makes it easy to sign up by allowing users to register through their Facebook accounts. Many participants throw Movember parties and have their offices create teams to raise funds and awareness.

Before signing up, organizers ask you abide by a few rules:

  • Maintain your mustache (grooming is key)
  • Don’t allow the mustache to touch your sideburns (as this is a beard)
  • Don’t allow your mustache’s handlebars to join your chin (as this is a goatee)

Any Mo Sistas and Mo Bros out there participating this month? If so, share some photos of you and your mustache!


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