What will be new about your year?

Posted by on January 9, 2012

I always wonder what the exact “statute of limitations” is on saying Happy New Year.  Is it just the first week into our new year, or is it up until the first time you see a certain person in the new year, or does it just cut off in February when everyone has their year rolling and the holidays are a distant memory? I think the answer is probably just personal preference, but what I do know is that during this time when people tend to greet you with this sentiment, it’s a good time to think about what will be new about your year.

Will this be the year you learn something new, and gain knowledge on a topic that helps move you forward professionally, personally, or both?  Will this be the year you bring innovative ideas forward to help your company grow or to improve your reputation in the market?  Is 2012 the year you focus on a friendship or a family relationship that is valuable to you?  In whatever areas you decide to set your goals, the most important thing about reaching them is to write them down and share them with a few people who can help you find the right path to achieving them.

I know none of this is new advice but it’s more of a refresher as we all kick off this year and strive to make it a good one.

I mentioned this in a blog I wrote last year around this time but I love the simple framework of it so it bears repeating.  Chris Brogan, well-known marketing blogger, challenges his blog readers each year to just pick three words.  Stating these three words and posting them prominently in your office or home can help drive your goal-setting and keep you on track this year.  It’s a great way to define the year ahead.

This year my three words are:

Innovate – especially in the digital marketing realm, deliver creative solutions for our clients

Stick – relates to having clients who “stick” to our roster and see the value in a long-term relationship with us

Diversify – continue to round out our client portfolio with the right clients in multiple industry areas

What are your three words and how will they help you do something NEW and GREAT this year?


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