5 important SEO tips for your next news release

Posted by on March 20, 2012

Recently we had BusinessWire come into the MarketWave office to talk about news releases and search engine optimization (SEO) tactics. Below are some helpful reminders about ways you can make sure your news release is more searchable than your competitor’s:

  1. Use bolded and underlined keywords for emphasis. Every time you put extra emphasis on a word, Google deems it important and is more likely to recognize it in its search engine.
  1. Include keywords in your quotes. Pull-out quotes are typically rotated each time someone pulls up your release online, so make sure that each quote in your release has your keyword.


  1. Backlink to an original news release whenever you can. Reference your original release, or an older but still relevant release, by adding a hyperlink. Referencing older relevant material makes your newest release more searchable and adds importance to the original release.


  1. Link to your website as much as possible. The ultimate goal of any release is to gain public awareness and drive interest back to your site. Take advantage of the opportunity and link to relevant pages on your site within the release.


  1. Name photo files with keywords. When you link or insert a photo into a release, name the photo file using one of your selected keywords. This will add weight to your SEO. (e.g. SearchEngine.jpg)

In our fast-paced, digital world, there’s always more to discover about effective SEO! Can you guess what keywords I selected for this blog post?


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