The art of saying thank you

Posted by on June 25, 2012

I often hear complaints about modern society having lost the ability to say “thank you.” Teens complain about having to hand write thank you notes and job candidates rarely send much more than an email after an interview.

With the increasing worry that advertising and marketing is “ruining” our society, it may surprise you that the industry is keeping alive, and even reinvigorating, the age-old art of saying “thank you.”

Salespeople actually paved the way for marketers to discover the “thank you” by recognizing how vital it is to customer relationships. Salespeople are relationship people, and long ago learned that a hand-written thank you or small gift reflecting the person’s interest can go a long way to future sales.

Small business has also grown the amount of appreciation reflected in its marketing efforts, using thank-you cards and even discounts for referrals. More recently, I’ve even seen an increase in post-Groupon “thanks for signing up/coming in/shopping” cards and emails to new customers, helping to solidify the often tentative, fresh relationship.

But the true pro in revolutionizing the thank you is the loyalty marketer. They are the masters, using everything from auto-reply thank-you notes in email marketing, to loyalty-based gifts at various spend levels. Throughout it all, the undertone is a thank you to the customer for their purchase.

What does your company do to say thanks?


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