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Posted by on August 16, 2012

Our office is full of hardcore marketers. We know what we need to do to be successful, and we attack each day with intensity. That said, we’re also advocates of the “work hard, play hard” rule, and believe very strongly in having fun while doing our jobs.

Here are four ways we inject a little entertainment into our marketing duties each day:

Prezi and Prezi Viewer for iPad: Are you bored with the old PowerPoint and frustrating creative restrictions? We are too. Look no further than Prezi. We use this tool to make our presentations sophisticated, visually-appealing and fun.

Flipboard: This is my new obsession, partially because it looks so incredible on the new iPad. Flipboard helps aggregate your news and social channels in an eye-popping masterpiece that feels like your favorite glossy, except that the headlines are only about your personal network and the topics you care about. In an increasingly content-heavy and visual world, apps like this will keep you organized while also stimulating your creativity.

Spotify: At MarketWave, we share Spotify playlists, discover new music and laugh together to throwback music. All of this serves to keep us happy and invigorated at work, which is key to productivity. Check out Angela Ulrich’s 90’s playlist to get a sense for what makes us tick.

Someecards: This somewhat recent phenomenon has definitely gone viral. At MarketWave, we love sharing the relevant ones and even printing them out. And it’s not just about fun – these help us keep in front of what’s trending that day or week.


These are just a few tools that we use to keep things fun at MarketWave, even on the busiest of days. What do you do to have fun at work?


  1. Flipboard is amazing! If you want a similar, strictly-news app, try Pulse! That’s my personal obsession because you can organize your news by local, national, sports and various categories.

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