Reporters turn to a new dark side: Daytime television

Posted by on September 12, 2012

Those of us in the public relations industry have teased a few journalists along the way about “coming to the dark side” when they hang up their reporter notepads for the sometimes greener pastures of PR. Once on the other side, former journalists can use their media skills to craft and pitch stories for oftentimes the same companies they covered in the newsroom, and for some the PR side is a good fit.

But I’ve noticed a new trend emerging amidst the rise of cable news and the celebrity correspondent. Newsmen and women are no longer just leaving for the PR pastures, but now they seem to be grazing over to daytime T.V.

Katie Couric is the most recent to do so; she launched her new show, oh-so-creatively named “Katie,” this week on ABC. Before that, another famous reporter jumped ship, launching “Anderson,” now named “Anderson Live.” Each has said they’ll cram their shows with celebrity intrigue, coverage of important issues, and a little zany fun to boot.

What do you think of this brave new world for the once hard-news journalists? Are they selling up, or selling out?


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