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Posted by on December 27, 2012

I had a presentation coach one time tell me that people can’t remember any more than three things from a speech. I think that advice applies to goal setting as well as we wind down this year and look toward the new possibilities of 2013.  Thinking in terms of threes helps me focus in on the big themes that will drive my goals.

Chris Brogan, author of Trust Giants and CEO of Human Business Works  challenges his blog community each year in December to pick three words that will define what they intend to achieve in the next year.  He asks his readers to be thoughtful, bold, brave and confident as we think of a longer list of words that could define our new year, and then select the best three.

I go through this exercise each year and I highly recommend it.  What will your three words be for 2013?  What words will keep you on track, define the impact you want to make, and challenge you to stretch?

My three words for 2013 are:

Relaunch – with 2013 being our 15-year anniversary, we plan to relaunch the Marketwave brand with a new logo, new website and lots of new ways we’ll be telling our integrated marketing story to let all of our friends, followers, prospects and clients fully experience our brand of service and smarts.

Serve – as a servant leader to my team and clients, I want to be intentional about understanding what others need to succeed and how I can help them achieve their goals; this word will also define the ways I serve my community this year through volunteer efforts and giving back along with my peers who are members of this amazing group called Entrepreneurs for North Texas.

Forward – next year I will lean into my goals and push forward, embracing the lessons I learned in 2012 and seeing the possibilities of a bright future with the awesome team I have around me.

What will your three words be?  Share them with us so we can see what you are striving for and maybe even help you get there.

As this year closes, I am thankful for you – our blog readers – who take the time to learn and share insights with us, and each other.  Here’s to a New Year of new plans, new connections and new possibilities for growth (three things of course)!


  1. Love this! My three words in 2013 are:

    – Leadership (I want to be a better leader in my community and the industry, including mentoring aspiring students and young professionals)
    – Relationships (I want to strengthen my personal and professional relationships)
    – Innovation (I want to reject the temptation to accept the status quo, and always challenge myself to find new, bold and inventive ideas that will spur growth for my clients, Marketwave and my own professional growth)

  2. Great post, Tina! My three words are:

    1. Spontaneity: I’m an obsessive organizer, which can be beneficial, but also a creative hindrance. This year, I’d like to let go of the planner in me (just a little bit) and allow more flexibility to seep in. This will help me embrace some challenges and risks, and, as the saying goes, “Without risk, there is no reward.”

    2. Strength: I want to strengthen my craft and industry knowledge, specifically in the areas of experiential marketing, digital marketing, project management and writing.

    3. Serve: I’m borrowing this from you, Tina! I’d like to really focus on others before myself more and serve my church, family, friends and colleagues better.

  3. Thank you for this blog post! I agree, it has always helped me to organize my goals under three areas. I try to make it even easier for me to remember by having them all start with the same letter (even though it can require taking some liberties with the English language)!

    1. Simplicity: Eliminating the distractions and temptations to complicate life–keeping it simple, focused on what makes life worth living; at work, reminding myself that some of the most creative ads are simple.

    2. Self-dignity: a bit of creative license with this term, but it reminds me to develop a state of being that is both confident and humble, a leader that wishes to serve, and a cultured mind that is in constant awe of how much it still doesn’t know.

    3. Self-improvement: Using my free time to read, find ways to improve personally, and cultivate intellectuality and creativity so I can be an asset at work and at home.

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