Blackberry’s new PR strategy: Kill the tablet

Posted by on April 30, 2013

In the game of technology thrones, Blackberry is not exactly known for its strategic moves. But it sure isn’t stopping company executives from making them.

Blackberry’s Chief Executive Officer employed an interesting PR strategy this week as he predicted the tablet’s demise, “within five years.” In an interview that ran today in Bloomberg, Thorsten Heins went against analyst reports, sales figures and general market consensus to explain why he probably isn’t going to make a follow-up to the company’s ill-fated PlayBook. This caused quite a stir in the tech journals today, and seems to have pushed shares of Blackberry up (for the moment, at least).

While this type of bold statement may garner some short term PR, it will make the company look less desirable in the long run. Tablets, with their mobility, ease-of-use and flexible applications, are more likely to replace laptops than disappear quickly into the graveyard of tech trends, and far more likely to succeed in a technology-driven world than say, Blackberry.


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