Four simple ways to market brands through Pinterest

Posted by on May 17, 2013

Recently, I came across an old story by PR Daily titled, “7 proven ways to create viral Pinterest posts.” These tips provide helpful insight on how one can easily promote their blog through Pinterest.

Marketing with Pinterest

Understanding how to use Pinterest as a marketing tool.

However, this social site has a number of marketers wondering how they can use the fourth most popular social media site to benefit their business and market their product or client.

With this in mind, and with PR Dailys’ tips as a guide, I’ve discovered “Four simple ways to market brands through Pinterest.”

1. Use text on your photos, or create a title graphic.

When people pin and repin on Pinterest, they are scanning through tons of graphic thumbnails. Having text on a photo makes it easier for users to identify what an image is and if they want to pin it.

 2. Write a post as a list.

Readers like lists because they understand what they are gaining from the article.  I’ll refer to writing tip of mine from an older post, “Five quick tips to improve your writing.” This post, in three years on our blog, has consistently ranked as the highest-read article. The power of lists, especially simple ones, is huge.

3. Add a “Pin It” button.

Pinterest isn’t always on your readers’ mind. So, when you draft content for your website or blog that could be beneficial to your readers, add a “Pin It” button beneath the photo you want to be pinned, and write a smart, searchable tag for the caption.

4. Use searchable keywords.

As mentioned above, you can customize a description when using the “Pin It” button. Be smart and include key words and hash tags to make your content searchable. The more your pin is repined, the more searchable your post becomes, and the more likely your views will increase.

Remember, Pinterest is simple and user friendly, so follow these same guidelines when drafting content you want readers to find on Pinterest.


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