The surprising strength of magazine media brands

Posted by on May 8, 2013

It’s a little known secret that print media, while hurting overall, has one contender that remains strong. According to the Association of Magazine Media (MPA), a robust 91 percent of adults and 96 percent of 18-to-24-year-olds engage regularly in this “traditional” form of media. I’m certain that the reason for this is due to powerful branding.

Turning through the pages of a great magazine, sparking not just our visual senses, but also our sense of touch (let’s face it, glossy outweighs newsprint, any day) and even smell, is something we can all identify with. Most of all, we appreciate the relevant content and even advertisements, which are always built around the magazine brand’s target audience.

Three years ago, I wrote a blog about a campaign launch to restore the image of magazine media in today’s increasingly digital world. Today, I can say that magazines are not only fighting back, they’re thriving, because they know the real secret – that a truly great brand, one closely aligned with its audience and the experiences that audience seeks – is still the best way to survive in a cluttered world.


  1. Such an important message – especially for the print industry – to understand. Great branding is what will ultimately keep businesses alive and thriving.

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