15 things to know about Marketwave

Posted by on June 19, 2013

In keeping with our weeklong celebration of our 15-year anniversary, here are 15 fun facts about Marketwave.


  1. We’ve made the Inc. Magazine 5000 list of fastest-growing privately held companies THREE times!
  2. We have a fabulous new office space, and in true Marketwave fashion, it’s well-branded.
  3. One of our core values is daily intensity – we attack each day with the right priorities and results in mind, and show passion for the work we do.
  4. We have an obsession with food! We frequently gather for lunches and snacks and almost always have a candy bowl in the break room.
  5. We call ourselves Marketwavers.
  6. Our original logo, as well as our new one that launched this year, incorporate purple because it’s Tina’s favorite color and it’s a good idea to keep the boss happy.
  7. We’re speedy! In terms of responsiveness, Marketwavers are like pizza delivery drivers. Send us an email, and you’ll hear back QUICKLY.
  8. We’ve won more than 20 industry awards for our client work and proudly display the trophies and plaques in our office.
  9. More than 50 percent of our team is Texas born and bred, giddy-up!
  10. We give back to the community by volunteering through Entrepreneurs for North Texas. Our last gig was packing meat in the big freezer at the North Texas Food Bank!
  11. With Bailey, Brandi, Bana and Buck we’ve got a lot of busy ‘B’s here. It’s like that 2005 Houston Astros season.
  12. When college football season rolls around, the rivalries ignite – we’ve got alums from UT, A&M, UNT, OU and more.
  13. We’ve been known to wear matching branded shirts on Fridays.
  14. We are Women’s Business Enterprise certified and proud of it.
  15. We’re named Marketwave because we help clients navigate the many waves a business goes through and the new waves they want to take advantage of in the market.

Join the conversation, do you have any Marketwave fun facts to share?


  1. Marketwave Fun Fact: We currently have 3 employees who started out at Marketwave as interns. Bailey (me), Meredith and Whitney make up our “intern alumni” group!

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