Five essentials for marketing corporate wellness programs

Posted by on June 24, 2013

These days, the costs and benefits of healthcare are on the minds of employers and their employees. With the general healthcare trend moving from the traditional diagnosis/treatment model to compelling conversations that task consumers to take charge of their own health, rewards-based corporate wellness initiatives have popped up everywhere.

Research has shown that providing employees with resources to pursue healthy lifestyles leads to higher productivity, a happier workforce and lower turnover rates. Here are five essential steps to successfully inspire engagement and promote a corporate wellness program.

Clear branding

Creating recognition and interest in a new corporate wellness program is vital. If the brand doesn’t communicate the objective clearly or doesn’t connect with the audience, getting high levels of participation is a pipe dream. The brand should match the employee culture and communicate value, whether it is through creating a logo, program name or promotional/informational communications. All communications should follow the brand and be consistent in presentation.

Comprehensive communication plan

A clear plan of engagement must be established, along with how and when that communication will happen throughout the program year.

Central engagement platform

What methods are successfully used for employee communications – is it through email, social media, company intranet, or the break room bulletin board? In order to impact engagement levels, the information must be presented in a way that best fits the audience and their preferred communication method.


Getting the right information into the hands of participants in a clear and engaging manner is a necessity. A central implementation document with all of the program details that can be referenced throughout the program year will be most successful. Employees need to know if they are eligible to participate, along with how to initially engage, log progress and receive rewards. Presenting this information in clear, actionable steps in one inclusive digital or physical format will reduce confusion and help spur immediate participation in the program.

Regular outreach and follow up

Consistency in communications and regular reminders are essential to helping participants reach their goals at the right time, and in turn, helping the organization reach their overall goals. Keep communication open with the participants throughout the program year, providing valuable information through the channels that work best for your group.

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  1. My brother has a company and he wants to make sure that the employees are taken cared of. It was explained here that there should be a comprehensive communication plan to promote corporate wellness. Furthermore, it’s recommended to hire professionals for corporate wellness coaching.

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