Three ways to use digital media for healthcare

Posted by on June 5, 2013

Digital media has changed the way businesses communicate with consumers – and healthcare companies are no exception. Here are three ways to successfully connect with your consumers via digital media:

Social channels
Social media channels are effective tools to engage with your audience in real-time as a trusted source. Lee Aase, director of the Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media, approaches social media marketing with the understanding that healthcare consumers “want and need in-depth information,” and it is the Mayo Clinic’s job to offer that information.

Consider sharing real-time updates, prevention tips and engaging in conversations with consumers.

Blogging allows your brand to tell a story, engage with consumers and foster relationships within your community. It’s not about pushing or selling – it’s about providing helpful, informative content, such as details on a health crisis or scare. It’s a way to spread knowledge, and ultimately, your brand, to your community.

Blogs also can be used to drive traffic to your website or social media accounts. Check out how this doctor in China garnered 10,000 fans on his microblog.

Online reviews
It’s important to know what your patients are saying about you – good and bad. If it’s positive information, this can help bring in new patients. If it’s negative information, this is useful feedback that can be used to identify – and fix – operations issues.

Online reviews also add credibility to your practice – in fact, 70 percent of respondents in a Nielsen survey believe that online reviews are a trustworthy source of information. In addition, online reviews help your practice stand out among Google search results.

Digital media can give a face and personality to your brand – and keep consumers coming back. What success or struggles have you experienced with healthcare marketing via digital media?


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