Guest Post: A royal birth in a social world

Posted by on July 31, 2013

This week’s guest post comes from Marketwave’s intern, Molly Brown. Here she shares her intern insight related to how social media played a role in making the royal baby announcement viral.

royal baby

From the blue polka dot dress to the first appearance on the Lindo Wing steps (which you became very familiar with if you watched live), both royal babies William and his son George made quite an entrance. One of the biggest differences in the arrival of these two royal babies? The social media that had the whole world watching.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles introduced William to the crowd on the steps of the Lindo Wing just like William and Kate introduced Prince George. Thirty-one years later, the crowd was not limited to media outside the hospital, because a much larger crowd anxiously awaited the first glimpse of baby George online. When Charles and Diana introduced William, it was on the 5 o’clock news; but with livestreaming media available on computers and smartphones, there was no need to wait.

As is tradition with all royal news, a formal written announcement was placed on an easel at the palace gates. That tradition was upheld for the birth of this royal heir too, but for the first time it was preceded by a press release and a royal tweet. By tweeting the news of the birth, the royal family was able to avoid a media frenzy similar to the one that occurred when Diana gave birth. Twitter not only made the big announcement, but also brought in congratulatory tweets from the couples’ friends and fans across the world.

Brands were also paying attention to the royal news. Big brands like Hostess, Coke, Magnum, Cadbury, Oreo and Charmin followed up the royal news with their own clever tweets. Posting content and visuals spinning off the news of the royal baby’s arrival gave brands a key opportunity to capitalize on the hype and draw attention to their brand. These brands also gave fans a unique opportunity to feel as though they were a part of the royal birth.

Did you watch the royal arrival? What do you think about the effect on social media?


  1. As someone who was around for both royal babies births, the differences in media coverage were amazing! Super blog post, #superintern!

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