Special Anniversary: Kristin Bult celebrates 7 years with Marketwave

Posted by on July 11, 2013

Kristin Bult, our wonderful colleague and friend, is celebrating seven years with Marketwave on July 13th. To honor the occasion, not to mention the years of blood, sweat and laughter she’s given us, we’re sharing the seven reasons why we love Kristin the most.

  1. She’s Got Answers: There’s no question too big or too small, from “Where’s the dolly?” or, “When can I meet with Tina?” to, “How much budget do we have left on this account?” She’s always able to answer our questions – with a smile on her face.
  2. She’s Got Spirit: Kristin is a constant burst of energy that makes coming to work fun – especially because she’s usually in the office first, and thus, the one who starts the coffee.

    We love Kristin, yes we do.... We love Kristin, how 'bout you?

    We love Kristin, yes we do…. We love Kristin, how ’bout you?

  3. She Loves Lunch: You can always count on her to join you for a Friday lunch outing (LUNCH BUNCH), and she’s the originator of the conference room lunch breaks.
  4. She’s Tech Savvy: Anyone at Marketwave can attest that Kristin has the magical power to fix any computer issue just by sitting in your desk chair.
  5. She’s in the Know: Kristin knows where everything is in the office. Lost files, supplies, budget sheets – Kristin can always hunt it down. Plus, she always has a great pulse on the agency’s goings-on.
  6. She Hearts the 80’s: Whether it’s her Pandora at the desk, or XM radio in the Jeep, Kristin rocks out to the 80’s, and we rock right along with her.
  7. She IS Marketwave: Kristin is the glue that holds us all together. We couldn’t imagine Marketwave without her, that’s how integral she is to our team, our culture, and our clients.

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  1. Kristin is awesome! She keeps me going every day and always has a positive, helpful attitude. Our clients love her, our vendors love her, our team loves her…she’s a true Marketwave brand ambassador and we’re blessed to have her on our team.

  2. We love Kristin and definitely consider ourselves lucky to have her here at Marketwave. We would be lost without her for sure. Congrats on 7 years KB!

  3. Kristin truly is the glue that holds us together!! She brightens any room she enters and we love having her on our team. Thanks for everything over the past 7 years KB!

  4. Speaking from the vendor side of the street, Kristin has always been a real joy to work with. Getting to know her on a personal and professional level over those years has been a great experience. Congrats Kristin!

  5. KB is an amazing asset to the team. She is delightful and has an infectious positive energy. I love to hear her laugh! She is thoughtful, polite and professional. Glad to know and work with Kristin!

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