Rebranding a Tech Legend: Yahoo’s 30 Logos in 30 Days

Posted by on August 26, 2013

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer has been trying to modernize the tech giant’s image through some game-changing shakeups in the past six months. You might remember her controversial stance on telecommuting and office culture. Now she’s driving a global rebranding effort to revitalize the ubiquitous, but tired, Yahoo brand.

To build buzz around the September launch of their new branding campaign, Yahoo is featuring 30 different “trial” logos each day for 30 days. There’s no doubt that this stunt is drawing media attention to the Silicon Valley legend and its efforts to modernize the brand image.

yahoo rebranding efforts

Click here to see the 30 Days of Change video

In the end, I believe the only way to make Yahoo great again is to  significantly evolve the way the company does business. After all, slapping on a new coat of paint is only that, and the new paint will seem forced and trite if consumers cannot see the necessary changes happening at the core.

While the 30 logos in 30 days idea is interesting, I personally believe the design of some of these “trial” logos seem weak. I would have preferred bolder, bigger ideas that didn’t flop in execution. I’m hoping the final version unveiled next week lives up to the great brand Yahoo hopes to become.

Mayer deserves some major props because she has been successful in making big turnarounds at the company (pretty quickly, I might add) including rapid earnings growth, the acquisition of Tumblr and reshaping overall company culture. However, I believe the reception of this rebranding effort will greatly impact Mayer’s long-term legacy and effectiveness in the company.

What do you think? Will Yahoo’s efforts to rebrand themselves make them cool and hip again?


  1. Bailey, I’m interested to see as well. Yahoo certainly has some great web properties (as well as some not-so-great ones, too). It’ll be nice to see if this gives some momentum to the lesser ones.

  2. I agree with you, Buck – the “trial” logos seem weak. For the most part, they just look like new fonts.

    I personally never visit Yahoo! I get the majority of my news from Twitter and any questions answered from Google.

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