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Posted by on September 30, 2013

Since I’m a mom and a digital marketer, people often ask me if I’m a mommy blogger. Actually, they assume I’m a mommy blogger.  Mommy blogger?  Me?  I don’t think so.

While my life may be content-rich enough to write endlessly about managing a household, chasing around two toddlers, tending to a husband and a dog, it’s not really my passion.  Mommy bloggers have an impressive passion for researching, writing content and cultivating engaged audiences. I struggled just to write this blog!

This caused me to think beyond mommy bloggers, and more about guest bloggers in general.  Why they are valuable and why you want to include them in your digital marketing mix.  Here are a few reasons why adding guest bloggers to your mix enhances your digital marketing efforts.

benefits of guest blogger

  1. Build quality traffic: Guest bloggers allow you to get traffic from an established audience that’s inherently interested in the topic at hand.  This means the traffic coming to your site for this particular blog is already engaged, it’s less likely they will hit the site and bounce off.  The hope is they read the blog, stay a little longer and enjoy more of your content.
  2. Build search engine authority: Search engines like content, more importantly they like content that people have linked to from your site.  This is a nice reciprocal relationship – you link to the guest blogger and the guest blogger links to you.
  3. Boost credibility:  Guest bloggers increase credibility and authority since they have developed a reputation in their given area.  This is great to leverage, especially if you are doing something new or a little different that may be outside of your traditional audience (i.e. launching a new product, entering new markets).

As you consider adding guest bloggers to your digital marketing mix, hopefully this information provides some insight into their importance.  Just don’t ask me to be a guest mommy blogger!

Have you added a guest blogger to your digital marketing mix, and if so, what were the results?


  1. Any tips for how to find a blogger that might be interested in guest blogging? I have several friends who are bloggers, but time seems to be an issue for everyone.

    1. Marcie – You are right, getting a guest blogger is not always easy. What about agreeing to be guest bloggers for each other? That makes it a reciprocal arrangement that benefits both of you. Agree in advance on the topic and a due date. There are also services for sourcing blogs, if you want to go that route.

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