Chipotle: A brand with a heartbeat

Posted by on October 4, 2013

In the world of advertising, anything that sells (or that companies think will sell) often goes. As consumers, we have learned to be skeptical or completely ignore the bombardment of messages that continually come across our television screens, social apps, smart phones and more. Despite this reality, every so often an advertisement or entire brand will break through the noise, tug at our heartstrings and influence us to adjust our behavior.

One advertisement that recently caught our attention was the short film Chipotle Mexican Grill produced to promote their new Scarecrow game app, which aims to teach consumers about the benefits of wholesome food.

This film combines the use of beautiful imagery and storytelling to share the values of Chipotle’s brand, while also educating viewers about a larger issue the company holds dear enough to build their business on. As a long-time, loyal customer of Chipotle (obsessed is more like it), we might be a bit biased, but you can judge the impact of the film for yourself.

Do you think Chipotle’s ad will be effective in moving hearts, changing minds or driving consumers to act? Chime in and comment below. 


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