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Posted by on October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween! We’re having fun at Marketwave today scanning social media to see how companies are leveraging this spooky holiday. One great example we’ve noticed is Tide’s Vine campaign.

Happy Halloween from MarketwaveTide did a great job entertaining their viewers with its series of six-second videos, and more importantly, they quickly delivered their marketing message on an engaging platform.

At Marketwave, we love learning about social media and we hope to help more of our clients implement Vine or Instagram videos in their social media strategies for 2014.

Entrepreneur recently published an excellent overview of why short-form videos are good for marketing, including:

  • Entertainment – If your audience is entertained they are more likely to stick around and listen to your marketing message.
  • Ease of use – Vine videos can be embedded  into a Tweet and you can post your Instagram videos directly to Facebook.
  • Engagement – According to this article, people are four times more likely to share Vines than any other videos on Twitter. In fact, five Vines are shared on Twitter every second.

There’s a number of ways to leverage short-form videos… How-to’s, contests, teasers… the list goes on. We’ve listed a few more links below to other great articles on short-form social video. Take a little time to learn more and then share with us your favorite corporate Instagram or Vine video!

Vine Update Lets Users Edit Videos, Save Multiple Drafts, Tech Crunch

6 of the Best, Boldest Uses of Vine in Marketing, Fast Company

Check Out the 10 Most-Shared Brands on Instagram Video, AdWeek


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