Buck Choate reports on his last day at the HOW Interactive & Web Design Conference

Posted by on November 11, 2013

Buck made it back from the 2013 HOW Interactive Web and Design Conference in Chicago and took some time this weekend to report on the informative and thought-provoking conclusion of the conference. Here are his top three takeaways from day three:

Insights into the developer’s perspective

“Brian Wood, developer and co-owner of AskBrianWood.com, gave some insight into interactive space from a developer’s perspective. He pointed out key differences of a typical designer and developer workflow, including communication styles and work preferences. Brian shared that being on the same page from the start with expectations laid out in the beginning, as well as setting up a collaborative work environment and understanding, will lead to more successful and better produced work.”

Remarkable interactive experiences tell stories

“David Sherwin, principal designer at Frog, discussed the importance of storytelling to create compelling and remarkable interactive experiences. Walking through a few examples from Frog, he gave tips on their story-based approach to design. This quote from his presentation has stuck with me since I heard him speak, ‘A story is the only way to activate parts of the brain so a listener turns the story into their own idea and experience.’”

A changing market means changing talent needs

“I heard an interesting presentation from Diane Domeyer, executive director of The Creative Group, on the ever-changing interactive market for digital creative talent. Not surprisingly, some of the fastest-growing careers fields for digital creative are UX designers, information architects and front-end developers. What are the perks they’re looking for most in a job? Employee wellness programs… Surprisingly enough, being able to bring a pet to work was much lower on the list.”

“At Marketwave, we’re committed to the importance of staying up to date and sharp on the latest trends in the marketing and interactive world. I felt like I was able to learn from some of the best at the HOW Interactive and Web Design Conference.”

Thanks, Buck! We enjoyed experiencing the conference through you, and look forward to incorporating these ideas into our work here at Marketwave.


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