Day two at the 2013 HOW Interactive & Web Design Conference

Posted by on November 7, 2013

We’re excited to share Buck Choate’s report from another full day of interactive and digital discussions at the HOW Interactive & Web Design Conference in Chicago. Here are his top three takeaways from day two:

Stereotyping device usage leads to device silos

“Cameron Moll, founder of Authentic Jobs, spoke about the importance of consistent visual execution and branding across platforms. He warned of the potential of creating ‘device silos’ when playing to old and often misguided stereotypes about device usage. For example, the idea that all mobile users are rushed or that desktop users have more time to be thorough and buy. A great example he shared of being device agnostic is the Amazon shopping cart – items you place in the cart follow you from device to device (something that might not happen when you’re limiting thinking to device stereotypes).

The power of presenting process

“Several speakers and topics in day two hit on the interactive design process and the importance of having a process that systematically looks at all parts of the design challenges. There are a lot of tools (prototyping software solutions, for example) that can be easily implemented into your design process to test and prove your designs earlier on. The speakers talking about the importance of process reminds me that presenting the process is just as important as presenting the final product.”

Good design requires a good content strategy

 “Margot Bloomstein, principal of Appropriate, delivered a great presentation on the power of considering content and design through a comprehensive strategy. She went through some great examples of messaging architecture and ways to audit and make the most of existing content resources. At the end of the day, her entire message reaffirmed the importance of having a clear overarching brand strategy to inform all parts of your content through voice, personality, sentence structure, cadence, etc.”

Thanks, Buck. We can’t wait to learn more tomorrow!

Be sure to check our blog tomorrow for Buck’s recap of the third and final day of the 2013 HOW Interactive & Web Design Conference.


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