Top three takeaways from day one of 2013 HOW Interactive Conference

Posted by on November 7, 2013

Our Creative Director Buck Choate is representing Marketwave this week at the 2013 HOW Interactive & Web Design Conference in Chicago. He’s already heard speakers cover a variety of hot-topic industry issues such as design process, prototyping and interactive design, content strategy and data visualization – all aimed at building better and more thoughtful interactive experiences.

Here are Buck’s top three takeaways from day one of the conference:

Mobile first isn’t all the way

“When it comes to responsive design, mobile first is what I’ve always heard. It’s great in theory but not always realistic. While it should certainly be considered, it should really be a part of a bigger plan that considers content hierarchy. You should first look at the context and the application/purpose of the content and determine the right approach based on those needs.”

Pursuing creative freedom

“Keynote speaker James Victore gave a great talk on the importance of pursuing your own creative freedom and his own journey in doing so. One of the striking points he made about creative growth, and growth in general, was summed up perfectly in a quote from one of his posters: ‘There are no shortcuts. The process is everything. DO THE WORK. If you take the shortcut, you come out on the other side unchanged.'”

More tools than ever

“With Creative Cloud, Adobe has put a lot of emphasis on tools like Generator, Muse and Edge to allow for faster prototyping and for better simulation of the end-product. Seeing how easily these tools could be incorporated into a workflow demonstrates that we can spend less time on the stuff that doesn’t count and more time on the stuff that really matters.”

Check back tomorrow for updates from day two at the 2013 HOW Interactive & Web Design Conference.


  1. Great insights Buck! I was recently reading something that talked about using technology/tools to make the “doing the work” part easier which creates more time for “big ideas/stuff that matters” similar to your Creative Cloud insights.

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