A year in review

Posted by on December 30, 2013

I like reading the “Year in Review” lists that come out this time of year. The top events (U.S. government shut-down, Syrian chemical attack, Boston Marathon bombing), most noteworthy people (Malala Yousafzai, Pope Francis, Nelson Mandela), overused words (twerk, cray, selfie) – they all give us a snapshot summary of the year in terms of pop culture and the news.

But what about your Year in Review? Do you take time to reflect in December on your top events, noteworthy people you’ve met or the words that fueled your progress? I like to do that during this little bit of downtime I have between Christmas and New Year’s, and I find it helps me take some wisdom and important lessons learned into the coming year.

As your year closes, and before you put full focus on next year’s goals, consider this reflection process to put your key events, people and words into view.

Year in Review

Tips for Putting Your Year in Review:

  • List the top 5 events that shaped you professionally this year. Why did those make your list? What is one thing you learned from each event? What will you start or stop doing as a result of that event?
  • List the top 5 noteworthy people you met this year. They don’t have to be famous; just consider the people who were in your path this year professionally. What did they do to help you learn, grow, challenge yourself, enjoy life or appreciate a moment? Now think about how you can stay connected to those people in 2014.
  • List the 3 words that motivated you this year to stay on track and achieve your goals. I set mine at the beginning of each year with the encouragement of Chris Brogan and his Brave New Year program. Mine this year were Forward, Relaunch and Serve, and they helped guide my goal-setting and planning all year.

And, after you follow the tips above, you can pick your three words for 2014 and begin to think about the goals, people and events that will shape your new year. I want to wish all of our readers a Happy New Year and a prosperous 2014! Thanks for tuning into our blog!


  1. Great post. Live events and building a network are great ways to enhance your personal life. My three words for this year are Focus, Persist, and Dream.

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