Four media mastery takeaways from the 60 Minutes segment

Posted by on December 2, 2013

a_com_w_logo_rgbIt’s been a while since a 60 Minutes commercial during Sunday NFL games caught my attention, but this one definitely did the trick. The clip advertised an interview with’s Jeff Bezos, with a surprise announcement to be revealed on the show.

The teaser worked, and the segment didn’t disappoint. The behind-the-scenes peek inside the company’s fulfillment centers and candid interview with Bezos was really, really good television. Here’s why the segment made Bezos and his team look so good:

They timed it perfectly.

The night before Cyber Monday, one of Amazon’s biggest days of the year, was a perfect time to get audiences thinking about this fascinating brand. Sales will no doubt be bolstered from the show.

Takeaway Tip: When pitching the media, consider what they’ll already be talking about during certain times of the year, and capitalize on it.

They taught Bezos well.

Either Bezos is an interview extraordinaire, or his training team is seriously talented. His candor and penchant for sound bites made him effortlessly interesting and relatable at the same time. Making an affable Bezos the star of this interview will also help curb some of the negative publicity from last month’s unauthorized biography.

Takeaway Tip: Get your executives media trained. There is nothing better than an executive who can speak effectively with the media. And there’s nothing worse than one who can’t.

They focused on the customer.

In the interview, Bezos repeatedly came back to the key message that is more than just a retailer, or a tech giant, or a website. They are a customer-centric organization that aspires to build loyalty with every interaction.

Takeaway Tip: Use the media as a conduit to speak directly to your current and potential customers. Make everything you say about them, not you, and the interview will do a lot more for branding.

They made a special announcement (with a great TV visual).

Despite a polite refusal earlier in the airing to share proprietary information about the company’s plans to replace cable TV, was willing to announce something new and futuristic. And it was pretty stunning.

Takeaway Tip: Give the media what they want. Something unique, proprietary and exclusive is what makes their stories better watched and read. Save an announcement for the big interviews, rather than doing it yourself, and watch the message amplify.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Amazon’s 60 Minutes segment is that there were so many more takeaways than these. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.


  1. Just watched the interview – Bezos comes across as very relatable, to your point either because he’s a natural pro or well trained. As a loyal Amazon customer, I did my part to contribute to the 300 orders per second on Cyber Monday!

    1. Ha! I know what you mean about being a loyal spender, I mean, customer, on Amazon. It will be interesting to see how the company holds up over the next few decades – especially considering how Bezos himself thinks all companies have life cycles.

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