Three tips for successful social networking

Posted by on January 17, 2014

This week we checked out the American Advertising Federation Dallas (AAF Dallas) Effective Social Media Networking Boot Camp. International business speaker Kevin Knebl taught us that creating your network on LinkedIn and other social platforms requires the same skills good networkers have used for years. Here’s the message we walked away with:

Don’t worry about being a social media expert; just get better at social networking. That means becoming an expert in adding value to your relationships.

Relationships Matter!

Relationships Matter!

The luncheon and seminar offered an abundance of information. While we could write an essay on what we learned, we’ll paraphrase three of our favorite tips:

  1. Be friendly. You should be smiling in your profile pic. Be conversational in your headline and summary. Include information that will make your users feel like they know you. And don’t forget, there are 120 available characters in the LinkedIn headline and 2,000 in the summary. Use that space to create your personal brand and be sure to include key search terms.
  2. Take advantage of video capability to create a more personal testimonial. Introduce yourself, post a client testimonial or record a brief presentation. People like raw footage on social platforms so there’s no need to spend thousands of dollars creating a video. Just provide helpful and interesting information that’s easy to understand and will keep people entertained.
  3. Utilize the Advanced Search features to make better connections. LinkedIn allows you to search for people in your city, your zip code or by company name or industry. You can search by where people went to school or what groups they’re in. If you graduated the same year from the same university as a professional that now works in your area and in your field, you’ve got an excellent reason to get in touch.

Kevin said something else we keep thinking about, “There’s never been a better time for you to be in business. Just remember that high tech should still be high touch.”

Hopefully these tips on networking through LinkedIn will help you keep in contact with people who can impact your business or career. If you do need a little extra help, we’re available to guide you in the creation of social campaigns; identifying relevant key words; or including online videos that you can use across social platforms. Visit our LinkedIn page often!


  1. Great recap Michelle, I enjoyed Kevin’s bootcamp as well. I thought his points about high touch and high tech were so relevant as I truly believe in the saying people do business with people.

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