Why I won’t shut up about content strategy anytime soon (IABC Dallas Recap)

Posted by on January 21, 2014

Fuel Your Content Strategy

More than once, I’ve written content about content on the Marketwave Blog. You could say I’m a fan.

That’s why – when I had the opportunity to go to a sold-out IABC Dallas luncheon – I was over-the-moon excited to go. The topic, “Fueling Your Content Strategy in Real-Time,” was right up my content-loving alley, and throughout it all, I furiously scribbled notes on my yellow pad as Farrah Cox, Director at GolinHarris, explained her methodology for measureable content that engages, excites and informs.

And while I can’t read all my hasty chicken-scratch, I did manage to decipher a few content takeaways:

  1. Profile Mockups: Use insights to build a profile of your audience by demographic and psychographic characteristics. Identify their preferences and behaviors, and extract relevant data from those insights for content and channels that attract your target profiles.
  2. Scope out Competitors: What topics or themes is the competition using to engage with your audiences? And more importantly, which ones are they not? The “quiet spots” may be fertile ground for new content opportunities.
  3. Planned and Impromptu: It’s good to have a plan (read: content calendars) but you can’t predict everything. Schedule weekly topics in tandem with daily news updates so that content is robust, yet fresh, in real-time.
  4. Get Going: Hot trends become cold in no time. When capitalizing on real-time trends, strip out the complexity and go with an efficient (but effective) message. This goes for any kind of content – social content, graphics and more – because minimalistic style lends itself to clarity.  
  5. Measure Yourself:  Measure the performance of content using KPIs such as website analytics, engagement and sentiment, and report those findings in scorecards with goal-focused rubrics.

Suffice it to say, I loved this luncheon and topic. And since the first go-round sold out in a matter of hours, the group offered an encore to those who missed it. It was that good.


  1. Great insights Bana! I especially like points #1 and #5- what are some of measurement tools you use the most?

  2. Thanks, Nancy! Obviously, Google Analytics is pretty integral for measuring content strategy. I also think Radian6 and Cision’s monitoring tools are great, too! Also, Social Mention is a good barometer for sentiment.

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