Big game advertising. Who’s winning in ROI?

Posted by on February 11, 2014

It’s a good month for sports and advertising, or a good month for advertisers to leverage sporting events where they know millions are watching, albeit all for a costly price. In yesterday’s Businessweek article, Senior Editor Diane Brady evaluates whether big brands are winning or losing with their attention-grabbing Olympics commercials.

I imagine this is popular conversation around the water cooler, well at least around water coolers located in advertising agencies. Are brands winning in terms of ROI when they advertise during the Super Bowl or the Olympics? I guess that depends if they created emotion in their audiences and engaged them beyond a 30-second spot, as noted in today’s AdAge article.

While it’s a favorite among the sentimental ads, P&G’s “Pick Them Back Up” ad makes me feel bad for the kids. (Yes, I’m a mom.) But, its Tide brand Vine ads make me laugh. This is why connecting with your audience and understanding how they want to receive brand messages is critical.

Some of you may have seen Melissa Gullickson’s blog about her favorite Super Bowl commercials. So, tell us… Do you love the heartfelt emotional ads or attention grabbing high-energy spots? And regardless if you appreciate the ads, GO USA!


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