Five insights from AAF Dallas’ agency consultants panel discussion

Posted by on February 6, 2014

Yesterday I had the pleasure to attend the American Advertising Federation’s consultant panel discussion on how Dallas agencies can land big-brand accounts. I appreciate AAF Dallas’ focus on growing Dallas’ advertising industry, and thought I’d share my top five insights from the discussion.

Cheryl Hall kicks off discussion on growing advertising dollars in Dallas

Cheryl Hall kicks off discussion on growing advertising dollars in Dallas

  1. Let data drive truth – clients are overwhelmed with data and looking for core insights. Agencies must have the sophistication and expertise to help clients get their arms around the data for decision making.
  2. Embrace the “always-on” mentality of consumers and think in terms of screens, not just typical channels – consider how the brand can intersect with life.
  3. Newsroom model is more successful than the previous “pitch” model – people want to consume information in their way and on their time. It’s less about pitching to them and more about giving them relevant information.
  4. Texas demographic shifts give Dallas agencies a front-row seat to the changing face of the U.S. – we need to leverage our understanding of Hispanic markets and buying power, for example.
  5. Be the center of attraction, not center of attention – this is the new way successful agencies are looking at marketing themselves, and it takes being intentional about your own agency brand rather than just spouting the same capabilities mix your competitors do.

Thanks to Cheryl Hall for leading a great discussion. We learned a lot from the expert panel and look forward to seeing more big brands partner with Dallas agencies!


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