Super Bowl ad roundup

Posted by on February 3, 2014

In a year when the game was nearly unwatchable in its lopsidedness, commercial watching during Super Bowl 48 became, well, sport. Conversations tied by hashtags like #AdBowl, #BrandBowl and #3percentsb debated the merits and pitfalls of brands’ efforts to sway big audiences for big dollars, while brands like Tide tweeted with other brands about how their detergent fit the other brand’s ad spot.

We too were tied to our couches, shoveling in 7-layer dip and yelling at the ads. Here were some of our favorites:


Had to put this one first, since after all, it was the first ad AFTER the Super Bowl. A simple spot featuring dreamboat John Krasinski took a direct approach to esurance’s money-saving abilities with a play on how they saved money on the timing of their ad.

Goldie Blox Girls

The viral smash from startup Goldie Blox translated to Super Bowl glory perfectly. We absolutely love the concept of the product, and the ad (sponsored by Intuit) captured the magic perfectly.

Doritos Cowboy Kid

Can’t help it – this one had us rolling. A kid riding a dog and lassoing Doritos always works.


The first Cheerio’s Super Bowl was simple and sweet, much like the cereal. And featuring a biracial couple was a simple and effective way to recognize the diversity of its fans.

Coca Cola: America Is Beautiful

Speaking of recognizing beauty in our country, Coca Cola’s ad was gorgeous. A brand with such global recognition celebrating the equally global nature of its home country added pride and inclusiveness, all in one place.

Radio Shack: The 80’s Wants Its Store Back

Fort Worth based Radio Shack took self-deprecation to a fabulous place with a celebration of all things 80’s. Great to see stars of the past aging incredibly well, along with the Radio Shack stores.

Wonderful Pistachios Colbert

Stephen Colbert. They’re wonderful, he’s wonderful. That is all.

Other Winners

Special nods to the Budweiser Clydesdale Puppy Love spot, VW Engineer Wings ad and Audi’s Doberhuahua commercial.

What did you think? Which advertiser did the best job creating a Superbowl ad and why?


      1. I loved the run down you gave! My faves were Budweiser #bestbuds, Cheerios and RadioShack. Ads were much better than the game!

  1. #BestBuds was the best! And Cheerios was great, for obvious reasons. Plus the welcome home a soldier commercial.

    P.s. Anyone want to go in together on the #Esurancesave30?

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