Planning a more effective brainstorm

Posted by on April 9, 2014

You know those brainstorms you get invited to that take about an hour of your time, and you leave feeling like you need another meeting before you really get anywhere? As I recently planned for an upcoming client project, I knew our scheduled brainstorm had to produce big ideas. I didn’t have time to waste, so I started reading articles on creating better brainstorms and found this incredibly helpful article written by Jason Keath.

Using a lot of what I learned from Keath’s article, and incorporating a few important aspects of teamwork and collaboration, we had one of our best brainstorms. I very much agree with Keath – if you really want to be creative, you have to plan your brainstorms!

Just as Keath recommended, I drafted a plan defining goals and detailing instructions for the brainstorm. I also asked each team member to arrive to the brainstorm with a piece of paper listing three ideas. Doing this allowed us to use the time effectively. We were ready to discuss the ideas and left the meeting with categorized solutions for our client.

So, do yourself a favor and read Keath’s article. Doing so resulted in good strategy and more effective use of our time. I think it will do the same for you.

Be sure to share with us if you have your own brainstorm techniques!


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