Conscious Capitalism and the heart of business – Part 1

Posted by on April 22, 2014

I first heard about the Conscious Capitalism movement several years ago from an executive friend of mine at The Container Store. Their CEO Kip Tindell, helped start this Conscious Capitalism movement and has shaped his company with the four tenets of: higher purpose, stakeholder integration, conscious culture and conscious leadership in mind.

Four pillars of Conscious Capitalism from

I attended the annual Conscious Capitalism conference April 8-10 in San Diego, and came back inspired to continue moving my company toward a truly conscious business and living these tenets in our daily business interactions. It’s of course a tall order and no company is perfect in its pursuit of this, but the companies that have embraced this mindset are consistently seeing significant results on many fronts including increased profitability, stronger cultures, greater employee engagement and overall business growth.

Last year as I read the book Conscious Capitalism: Liberating the Heroic Spirit of Business, co-authored by Whole Foods Co-CEO, John Mackey, and author and academic, Raj Sisodia, I was struck by this paragraph: “Picture a business built on love and care rather than on stress and fear, whose team members are passionate and committed to their work. Their days race by in a blur of focused intensity, collaboration and camaraderie. Far from becoming depleted and burned out, they find themselves at the end of each day newly inspired and freshly committed to what brought them to the business in the first place – the opportunity to be part of something larger than themselves, to make a difference, to craft a purposeful life while earning a living.” – (taken from page 31 of CC book)

So when you read that, does it just sound like business utopia? Does it sound like something you would want to be a part of? Frankly, it’s such a stretch from where some businesses are that it may just seem like a crazy, impossible scenario, but I’m encouraged after this conference to realize there are some great companies that look like this, and attract people who thrive in this environment.

Check our blog tomorrow for a follow up to this discussion, including three takeaways from the conference. I look forward to any feedback you have in the meantime.


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