Conscious Capitalism and the heart of business – Part 2

Posted by on April 23, 2014

I hope you had a moment to read my blog yesterday, “Conscious Capitalism and the heart of business – Part 1.”

We’ve all heard the stories of Southwest Airlines and how they treat their employees and customers (I’m a huge fan!), but the cool thing to discover is that this is happening in big and small companies alike. The Conscious Capitalism conference has me thinking more about how my company can continue to improve on this conscious journey, and how I can apply what I heard to my long-term vision as well as my day-to-day.

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Here are 3 things I took away that you may find valuable if you choose to consider this conscious way of approaching your own role within a company:

  1. Focus on the “fierce urgency of now” – this is a phrase from Martin Luther King, Jr., and it was used quite a bit during the conference; the idea is to be present and focus on making the right decisions in the “now” so that each day is a conscious step in the direction of your goals. The complementary point to this was not to let the daily frustrations pull you away from your bigger picture and your purpose.
  2. Culture is key – management guru, Peter Drucker once said, “Culture eats strategy for lunch,” and the Conscious Capitalism proponents say culture is everything. A conscious culture is one that is created with intention and connects with people’s values in a way that makes them invested in protecting and nurturing it.
  3. Celebrate people, not just things – Raj Sisodia, co-author of the Conscious Capitalism book told the conference audience to think about this, “Have any of you ever been appreciated too much?” His point was, people need to be recognized for doing good work, going the extra mile and performing at a high level.

I hope some of these points can be taken into this work week with you and will inspire you to check out what this Conscious Capitalism thing is all about. More info is available at or contact me if you want to share your ideas or questions related to this subject.


  1. I am so excited to see other business leaders such as yourself who are so inspired and courageous to pursue conscious capitalism. No matter how small the first steps are within your own company, nothing but good can come out of it. Being at The Container Store daily and seeing conscious capitalism in full gear it just can’t be denied that this is the way to go for any business and for the world. Whenever I visit with peers from other companies I always try so hard to explain how it works and all it’s benefits. They always tell me how great it sounds and how they wish they could work in such an environment, but then they say, “sadly, it would just never work at my company, we are too far gone the other direction and our leaders just don’t think like that”

    Bravo Tina! Thank you for making steps at changing the world for the better, one company at a time. May your employees, customers, shareholders, community…., your company feel the wake of change you are making one step at a time through Conscious Capitalism! Best wishes!

  2. Rob – appreciate the encouragement. Love your company and the example it has set for Conscious Capitalism!

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