A Marketwave Homecoming: Q&A with Dione Martin

Posted by on May 20, 2014

She came. She conquered. She took a brief break. And she’s back!

That’s right. We’re all over-the-moon excited to announce that our own Dione Martin has returned to Marketwave as Account Director. Dione, who first joined us in 2008, brings a vast background of marketing and communications strategy and account direction from her more than 15 seasoned years of experience.

After a short 18-month break (some of which was spent writing a top-secret novel she won’t even tell us about), Dione is back and ready to support Marketwave’s growing team and client roster. We caught up with the writer-marketer-strategist extraordinaire to learn a thing or two about our newest veteran colleague.

Q: So, we’re glad your short detour from Marketwave wasn’t very long! What brought you back?

A: I really missed the culture, core values, our team and Tina. I think a company’s culture and core values really influence your experience and level of enjoyment. Marketwave’s culture revolves around mutual respect, dedication to each other and our clients. We truly embody and live our core values – they’re not just on our wall for aesthetic purposes. They really impact our behavior and how we interact with each other.

I managed to stay in touch with most of our team while I was away, including Tina, and kept the connection we all initially established with each other. It really feels like I’ve come back home to family, and I’m happy to have the opportunity to work here again.

Q: What’s your work passion?

A: I really enjoy the planning side and helping clients identify ideas and opportunities that help them achieve their goals. Developing and implementing integrated marketing communications plans that exceed results gives me a certain sense of fulfillment.

Q: What do you like to do for fun/hobbies?

A: I enjoy working out (I have to burn off all of the sweets I eat somehow), reading (I’m in a “book” club – it’s more of an excuse for a monthly girls’ night out to dinner since we don’t spend much time discussing the books), watching movies (especially foreign films), writing and going to dance performances, and comedy shows.

Q: Who (or what) has inspired you to become the professional you are?

A: My mom instilled in me at a very early age, the concept of being independent, because she wasn’t. Going to college (I was the first in my family) and establishing a career were not optional. Over the course of my career, I’ve taken bits and pieces of acumen not only from my managers but also from my colleagues. We all have strengths and weaknesses and can learn so much from each other.

Q: What’s your professional background? Special skills?

A: I’ve been on both the agency and corporate side. On the corporate side at USAA, I was in marketing and managed direct mail programs and internet campaigns. In the agency worlds, your expertise is shaped by the clients and various scopes of work, so I’ve managed projects ranging from media relations/outreach and websites to marketing campaigns. If I had to choose special skills, I would say strategic planning, project management, writing, event management and media relations.

Q: Tell us about your family!

A: I have two daughters – Sofia, 14, and Ava, 7. They’re pretty much opposites! Sofia will be a freshman at Richardson High School in the fall. She made their cheer team and is also running track. She’s extremely self-motivated and already has her sights set on Stanford. Ava is very animated, energetic and talkative. She enjoys ballet and hip hop dance – and a Netflix show she recently discovered called “Ruby Gloom.”

Help us welcome Dione to the growing Marketwave team by sending her an email or connecting with her on LinkedIn!


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