Blogs: 4 Tips to Sharpen Your Writing Skills

Posted by on May 14, 2014

I recently had the pleasure of running a workshop with a client’s team of employee bloggers. I couldn’t do it alone, so I called in a few blogger friends to help. Six DFW-based professional bloggers joined the workshop to share their experiences and motivate the client’s employee bloggers.

Blog Writing Tips and Ideas

Here are four tips we learned from our blogger friends:

1.     Write about topics you are passionate about.

It’s much easier to write about topics that interest you. Selecting topics you are passionate about will reduce your research and writing time, and help you avoid staring at the dreaded blank document on screen.

2.     Keep a running list of ideas.

A blog idea can hit you at any time – it might be a question someone asks about an activity you did with your kids, a vacation you want to take or a new restaurant in town friends are talking about. Keep a notepad handy and write down your ideas. Take the next step and write a few sentences to expand on your idea. Then when you have more time, go back write the rest of the blog.

3.     Take photos everywhere.

Build a photo library by taking photos during your daily activities. Take photos in the park, on a trip to the farmers market, while working in your yard or taking a walk. Keep the photos organized in folders by topic on your computer – next time you need a photo for the blog, just search through your photo library. This saves you the trouble of sourcing the photos or buying stock photos.

4.     Be social and start a conversation! 

End your blog with an engaging question to get people to think about what you wrote and encourage comments. Show off your work by sharing your blog on social media. It gets people to join the conversation and add their own perspective. When people comment on your blog or a social post, comment back and engage in conversation.

While I spend my days tracking social media and the impact of online marketing, this workshop helped me think of new ways to empower clients with fresh content. It helped the attendees (including me) sharpen their blogging skills. We even brainstormed 70 new blog ideas! So whether you’re new to blogging or an old pro, these tips should help you stay motivated to blog. Now tell us… What activities keep you on track for producing interesting blog content?


  1. I like to start a blog and keep it going for awhile…mine are about sewing, so I blog about beginning a project and keep the topic rolling until we complete the project. I ask for pictures of completed items too. Thanks for the ideas!

    1. Series blogs are always great ideas – then you only have to come up with 1 idea and stretch it out over several posts.

  2. Great post, Nancy. My ongoing list of post ideas has saved me on many occasions. I also try to have at least one post already written and saved in my queue for those weeks (like the last week of school before graduation) when it’s hard to find the time to blog.

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